The Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians wish to honor Tribal Member, Dennis Dalton after his passing, for the smiles he brought to the faces of our youth here in Amador County.

Dennis had a passion for helping children, especially in regards to their pursuit of sports. For those who met Dennis Dalton, they would most likely describe the sparkle in his eyes and the smile. That smile. A smile that filled anyone Dennis contacted. To say he had an uncanny ability to make anyone he met feel like a friend, an old acquaintance, even part of the family, would be an understatement. It’s how he lived his life and is his legacy. But Dennis’ gifts to the world went far beyond that sparkle and smile.

“He was the most generous man I have ever known,” said Tribal Chairman of the Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians, Adam Dalton. “Dennis loved helping the children in his life with anything and everything they needed. Especially as it pertained to their interests in sports.” 

To be fair, very few knew that about Dennis. It wasn’t splashed across the pages of the Ledger Dispatch or covered in the local media. It wasn’t even recognized by some of those who benefitted from the generosity Dennis bestowed upon them. That’s because quite often, it would show up as an anonymous gift. No notes, no accolades, not even an idea of who had stepped in to help. Dennis quietly went about his days making dreams come true for people in the community, some that he had met and knew, and many times for children he had just met. It wasn’t done for recognition, but in the true spirit of giving.